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Here are the some of the LipSense colors we have available. If you see something you like and are interested in purchasing anything just send me an email by filling out the contact form below. I will email you an invoice and ship it to you!


Apple Cider LipSense – A warm/matte creamy light pink with a hint of tan.

Aussie Rose LipSense – A cool shimmering medium pink.

B. Ruby LipSense – A cool satin burgundy frost color with a hint of purple.

Beige Champagne LipSense – A warm beige with a champagne frost

Bella LipSense – A neutral matte creamy brownish-mauve color.

Berry LipSense – A cool, rich, deep purple matte color.

Blackberry LipSense – A cool, deep, matte midnight black color.

Blu-Red LipSense – A cool bright fire engine red matte lip color.

Bombshell LipSense – A warm, soft nude color with a champagne shimmer.

Bombshell Diamond LipSense – A warm soft nude lip color with a diamond dust finish.

Bravo LipSense – A warm delicate light pink nude lip color in a matte.

Cappuccino LipSense – A warm pale silky neutral LipSense lip color with a hint of nude shimmer.

Caramel Apple LipSense – A cool frosty, rosey red color.

Caramel Apple Diamond LipSense – A rosey red lip color with a diamond dust finish.

Caramel Latte LipSense – A warm medium coral brown with a gold shimmer.

Cocoa LipSense – A warm rich medium brown with a gold shimmer.

Coral Lina LipSense – A shimmering peachy coral color with a frost finish.

Dark Pink LipSense – A cool medium true pink matte.

Dawn Rising LipSense – A warm light cocoa with a glistening shimmer.

Fire N Ice LipSense – A cool frosty dark pink.

Fire Opal LipSense – A warm iridescent milky pink pearl frost lipsense color. Long lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof lipstick.

First Love LipSense – A neutral nude-pink matte.

Fleur De Lisa LipSense – A cool shimmery light pink lip color with a hint of lavender.

Fly Girl LipSense – A warm rich deep cherry matte finish.

Glam Doll LipSense – a neutral earthy brown lip color with a matte finish.

Goddess LipSense – A cool light pink matte color.

Hazelnut LipSense – A neutral creamy, matte light brown lip color.

Heartbreaker LipSense – A warm shimmering rosy-coral lipsense color. Long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof lip color.

Honey Rose LipSense – a warm sheer rose gold color with an amber frost.

Icicle LipSense – A clear LipSense color that layers with any other LipSense shade to offer a softer color saturation.

Kiss for a Cause LipSense – A cool shimmering bold pinkish-purple.

Kiss Me Katie LipSense – A warm subtle light pinky-peach color.

Lexie Bear-Y LipSense – A cool iridescent shimmering fuchsia berry.

Luv It LipSense – A warm frosty light bright peachy-pink.

Mauve Ice LipSense – A cool frosty pale barely-there lavender.

Mulled Wine LipSense – A cool rich deep red berry with a matte finish.

Napa LipSense – A cool deep, rich dark mauve purple-shimmer color.

Nude LipSense – A neutral grayish, matte brown color.

Nutmeg LipSense – A warm dark coral with brownish undertones.

Persimmon LipSense – A warm dark abobe orange-brown color.

Pink Champagne LipSense – A cool barely-there pink frost color.

Plum Pretty LipSense – A warm rosey, copper pink frost color.

Plum LipSense – A cool velvety, dark burgundy matte color.

Plumeria LipSense – A cool dark hot pink with a subtle golden shimmer.

Pomegranate LipSense – A cool shimmery red-orange color.

Praline Rose LipSense – A cool matte beige with a hint of mauve.

Previous Topaz LipSense – A warm, light brown shimmer.

Purple Reign LipSense – A cool electric pinkish-violet matte color.

Roseberry LipSense – A cool matte, muted rosey-pink.

Samon LipSense – A warm bright coral red matte color.

Sassy Z LipSense – A cool matte, rosey-pink color.

Sheer Berry LipSense –  A cool berry purple with a silver, matte finish.

Sheer Berry Diamond LipSense – A cool berry purple lip color with a sheer diamond dust finish.

She’s Apples LipSense – A silky, amaranth red with cool undertones.

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense – A vibrant firey orange-red matte color.

Summer Sunset LipSense – A matte pink-orange lip color with coral undertones.

T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense – A smokey deep navy lip color with royal purple and teal shimmer.

Violette LipSense – A cool rosey lavender lip color with hints of frosty iridescence.

If you see something you like and are interested in purchasing anything just send me an email by filling out the contact form below. I will email you an invoice and ship it to you!
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