Apple Cider LipSense – A warm/matte creamy light pink with a hint of tan.

Aussie Rose LipSense – A cool shimmering medium pink.

B. Ruby LipSense – A cool satin burgundy frost color with a hint of purple.

Beige Champagne LipSense – A warm beige with a champagne frost

Bella LipSense – A neutral matte creamy brownish-mauve color.

Berry LipSense – A cool, rich, deep purple matte color.

Blackberry LipSense – A cool, deep, matte midnight black color.

Blu-Red LipSense – A cool bright fire engine red matte lip color.

Bombshell LipSense – A warm, soft nude color with a champagne shimmer.

Bombshell Diamond LipSense – A warm soft nude lip color with a diamond dust finish.

Bravo LipSense – A warm delicate light pink nude lip color in a matte.

Cappuccino LipSense – A warm pale silky neutral LipSense lip color with a hint of nude shimmer.

Caramel Apple LipSense – A cool frosty, rosey red color.

Caramel Apple Diamond LipSense – A rosey red lip color with a diamond dust finish.

Caramel Latte LipSense – A warm medium coral brown with a gold shimmer.

Cocoa LipSense – A warm rich medium brown with a gold shimmer.

Coral Lina LipSense – A shimmering peachy coral color with a frost finish.

Dark Pink LipSense – A cool medium true pink matte.

Dawn Rising LipSense – A warm light cocoa with a glistening shimmer.

Fire N Ice LipSense – A cool frosty dark pink.

Fire Opal LipSense – A warm iridescent milky pink pearl frost lipsense color. Long lasting, waterproof and smudge-proof lipstick.

First Love LipSense – A neutral nude-pink matte.

Fleur De Lisa LipSense – A cool shimmery light pink lip color with a hint of lavender.

Fly Girl LipSense – A warm rich deep cherry matte finish.

Glam Doll LipSense – a neutral earthy brown lip color with a matte finish.

Goddess LipSense – A cool light pink matte color.

Hazelnut LipSense – A neutral creamy, matte light brown lip color.

Heartbreaker LipSense – A warm shimmering rosy-coral lipsense color. Long-lasting, smudge-proof, waterproof lip color.

Honey Rose LipSense – a warm sheer rose gold color with an amber frost.

Icicle LipSense – A clear LipSense color that layers with any other LipSense shade to offer a softer color saturation.

Kiss for a Cause LipSense – A cool shimmering bold pinkish-purple.

Kiss Me Katie LipSense – A warm subtle light pinky-peach color.

Lexie Bear-Y LipSense – A cool iridescent shimmering fuchsia berry.

Luv It LipSense – A warm frosty light bright peachy-pink.

Mauve Ice LipSense – A cool frosty pale barely-there lavender.

Mulled Wine LipSense – A cool rich deep red berry with a matte finish.

Napa LipSense – A cool deep, rich dark mauve purple-shimmer color.

Nude LipSense – A neutral grayish, matte brown color.

Nutmeg LipSense – A warm dark coral with brownish undertones.

Persimmon LipSense – A warm dark abobe orange-brown color.

Pink Champagne LipSense – A cool barely-there pink frost color.

Plum Pretty LipSense – A warm rosey, copper pink frost color.

Plum LipSense – A cool velvety, dark burgundy matte color.

Plumeria LipSense – A cool dark hot pink with a subtle golden shimmer.

Pomegranate LipSense – A cool shimmery red-orange color.

Praline Rose LipSense – A cool matte beige with a hint of mauve.

Previous Topaz LipSense – A warm, light brown shimmer.

Purple Reign LipSense – A cool electric pinkish-violet matte color.

Roseberry LipSense – A cool matte, muted rosey-pink.

Samon LipSense – A warm bright coral red matte color.

Sassy Z LipSense – A cool matte, rosey-pink color.

Sheer Berry LipSense –  A cool berry purple with a silver, matte finish.

Sheer Berry Diamond LipSense – A cool berry purple lip color with a sheer diamond dust finish.

She’s Apples LipSense – A silky, amaranth red with cool undertones.

Strawberry Shortcake LipSense – A vibrant firey orange-red matte color.

Summer Sunset LipSense – A matte pink-orange lip color with coral undertones.

T.E.A.M. Wicked LipSense – A smokey deep navy lip color with royal purple and teal shimmer.

Violette LipSense – A cool rosey lavender lip color with hints of frosty iridescence.


LipSense is a 2 part application system.  The Lip color is first applied and then a layer of LipSense Gloss is used to seal and protect the LipSense Color.  You can choose between a matte, shimmer or glossy finish.

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