Be Prepared to be Amazed…



Welcome to Aloha LipGloss & Grace. Let me introduce myself. My name is Rose Parma.  I’ll start off by saying that I am a busy mama that wears many hats.  My husband and I have six (pregnant with #7) amazing children that simply bring pure joy to our family!  Of course, this includes a household full of many different personalities!  Needless to say, there is never a dull moment in the Parma household.  We currently homeschool three of our children while two are in college.

Where does Aloha come from??? Back in 1999, I started a Hula & Tahitian Dance Company – A Polynesian Performance.  My family and I strongly believe to live life with aloha always in mind.  We teach dance classes weekly and perform for various events. Last year I stumbled upon an amazing lipstick that we added to our dance company for performances.   Little did I know that by adding this product… My life was about to completely change… In bigger and better ways than I could have ever imagined!

Grace- This is simply what we wake up to and go to bed to every single day. God’s grace is so amazing! A Rule that we have in our house is every single day is a new day.  God gives us grace, so we shall give grace to others.

I’m so excited to have you join us here! You will be able to find a variety of resources, ideas, tips, beauty hacks, mom life, inspiration, homeschool ideas and healthy eating with a bit of keto love!

Posts will be added to our blog weekly.  Be sure to check back frequently as we will do RANDOM BLESSING GIVEAWAYS that include Beauty Products, Gift Cards, Trendy Clothing, Jewelry… and much more.

Again, welcome and we are so happy you have found Aloha LipGloss & Grace.


Rose Parma